13 April, 2009


I had an Easter treat to be invited to the traditional Salmon ceremony on the Cililo Indian reservation. This ages old tradition brings the Yakama, Warm Springs and Umatilla tribes together to honor the first Salmon of the season. The tribes practice the Washat relgion inside their longhouse (no photos allowed) and then serve a feast of traditionally prepared salmon, venison and roots. The tribes have had fishing rights on the Columbia River for generations and are now praying for many salmon to return to sustain their families. The nets look like a waterfall to me... so appropriate at the site of Cililo Falls.
p.s. Please bear with my need to over-vignette these days...just having fun.


  1. I like the first image especially. Creepy. Great color. The nets are very waterfall-like and delicate.


  2. Nice work. I'm diggin' the axe murderer and the single drip from the skewered fish.

    I guess you miss boring NCTX.

    thanks for the vignette apology. I was about to ask about that.

  3. vignette... was hard to spell but easy to do.
    BLOGs are a place to play... Lot's of journalists are pretty upset about too much photoshopping...or lightroom... I am just having fun here. I am wanting more of a fine art take on things these days. Just finding myself maybe. Been doing this a long time..............