10 June, 2014

iPhone Guatemala

As promised, weeks ago, I am posting some of my images taken with ye ol' iPhone images of our life in Guatemala.  The iPhone was a wonderful camera to have as much of the time was spent trying to not be an obnoxious tourist while jumping on and off the launchas to cross Lake Atitlan or walking the narrow foot paths thru San Marcos.  No matter what we try to argue, the size of this pocket camera is a game changer.  Thinking of moving to a much smaller type of gear and packing up the giant DSLRs.

If you already follow me on instagram (@antjan) you will have seen most of these but for the non-insta converts... Here ya go!
The hands of a coffee picker.  One has to be part mountain goat and part pack mule to do this grueling job.  Climbing to the top of 7000 ft peaks to get the final beans of the harvest and then carrying down large burlap bags filled with these juicy red and green beans.

 The jump off the platform at Las Rocas in San Marcos is a challenge many take.  Not me.

                  The people... beautiful, magical, kind and humble.