28 September, 2009

Little friends

The beach clean-up was a huge success. We had wonderful images from around the world sent in to Aurora. I edited around 2000 images from the day!
I camped out at the beach the night before in order to arrive close to sunrise at Ft Stevens State Beach in N. Oregon. A beautiful beach with actually not alot of trash. I think Americans are doing a better job at keeping our beaches clean than in the past...at least in Oregon. It is seriously sad to see any trash on our beaches tho! Here is a little friend I met on the early morning beach... Nice little surprise.

16 September, 2009

The World's Shame

A year ago I read a story about an ocean clean-up, organized every year, by the Ocean Conservancy. I was impressed with their project and appalled to hear that the largest amount of pollution in our oceans was cigarette butts. I knew I wanted to do something. Well ...cut to this year's ocean clean-up and I have now partnered up the Ocean Conservancy and my agency Aurora. We have 23 photographers, around the world, documenting the clean-up to create an amazing document of the project. I am excited to shoot at the Oregon Coast and to edit images from photographers in Brazil, Singapore, The Philippines, India and many locations in the US among others.
Here is an image from a beach in the Dominican Republic as it stands today before we document its' clean-up on Saturday. Think about this beach before you throw your cigarette butt in the gutter or don't recycle your plastic.

There is still time to find a local clean-up and volunteer to help!!