29 December, 2010

Tail end of the year.

A year of ups and downs for our family is ending. I have had great adventures with my work and with my boy. Lesson learned, over and over, NO Expectations. Curve balls of life seem to have been the norm in 2010. Am I stronger or more skittish? Will I continue to have adventures or take the safe route? Will I find more peace in my parenting or more confidence in a new path for my art? I just plan on taking one step at a time and seeing where it leads. Lucky to have such a beautiful boy with me on the journey!

One thing is for certain... I am sure I will continue to make an ASS of myself from time to time... just hope I can have fun doing it.

14 December, 2010

I Love My son's school!

Not much to say to add to the brilliance of this Kindergarten poster that was hanging above my son's locker this week.

07 December, 2010

Playing Catch-UP

It has been a while since I last wrote in you diary (I mean blog). I have had a great Autumn shooting! Spent many days in the vineyards with farm workers harvesting the crop of grapes for Oregon wines, see the images here. A nice shoot with the wonderful team at Umpqua bank's Learn To Earn program at several schools... I also had many family shoots. It is so nice to see many of my same families every year, watching kids grow up in real time and capturing it. Photographed an amazing Portland potter and also a cool conifer farm out to the east. Much more to come in 2011!