19 February, 2009

late for the dance

It was wonderful to be a part of the do1Thing project last week on Valentines day.  I met up with a 20 year old boy who I had photographed a month earlier.  Kyle has spent his life, since age 7, in a variety of foster and group homes.  He never had a normal childhood or teenage life.  It was so heartwarming to watch him button up his wrinkled, too small suit.  He was outside, downtown, in the cold...putting on a suit to go to a dance for recovering youth addicts.  The dance, sponsored by New Avenues for Youth here in Portland would be his first and maybe a step in the right direction for him.

17 February, 2009


Finally my new website is up.  Great working with the brilliant  Sue Rose to make it something we are proud of.
Crossing fingers that the phone will be ringing  and ringing and ringing and ringing.....

02 February, 2009

glory days

Inspired and exhausted from watching  Bruce Springsteen perform at the SB last night.  I tracked down one of my favorite all time images I have ever taken.  The Boss (circa 1979) when he was still doing audience surfing...I think he started the trend.

 My job in college (at UT Austin) was to photograph all of the events at the Super Drum...not a bad job!

   Those were glory days for sure.  I cannot believe how many people were talking about Bruce last night, either who had been at that concert, or could remember every Bruce concert they ever when to.  He really defined our youth.
 Glory days ahead!!