21 July, 2011

all about the Ice Cream

A great BIRTHDAY for Eli... number 9. The kids waited for the most important appearance of the day and when they arrived, they did not disappoint!
Our Little Sweetcart, a new and healthy ice cream truck came and brought yummy treats including the big hit... organic soft serve!! Check them out for your next event... Sean is the greatest ice cream man ever!!! (also, a shout out to Mr. Sun who made a special appearance too!!)

03 July, 2011

Our Rez dog.

Eli and I have been having a great time on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona. I am shooting a children's book here and Eli is making friends with all sorts of creatures. The puppy at the house where we are staying, Reena, is a special friend. She has run the mesa with Eli most every evening as they race and zig zag up the dusty trail to the rock formations (now known as Eli's rocks). We will never forget her or the amazing hosts and friends we have met here! An ode to dogs and friends all over our world!