17 August, 2009

Burley shoot

Had a magical weekend photographing the new branding campaign for Burley Trailers. The sun punched thru at exactly the right times and the "real" models were a pleasure. Great working crew! Great sushi on the car hood at the end of the shoot washed down with Kirin Ichiban in a can. What is better than kids, dogs and bikes!?!

03 August, 2009


I taught a class in "street photography" last weekend at Newspace Center for Photography.
It really helped ME learn more about the history and styles of street photography. To look at work by street photographers around the world was quite a didactic journey. A video of NY photographer Jeff Mermelstein was a big hit in the class. The students were amazing and the work they produced, under less than optimal conditions, was inspiring. As the teacher, I may have learned more than anyone. I learned that street photography is often about attitude, how you present yourself, how you embrace an event and how open you are to new experiences and people. I wish I had some of the work by the class to show... but alas, only a few images of mine.
Thanks class!