26 July, 2010

Search for Butch and Sundance

Ever since I mentioned I was going to Bolivia, I have heard every sort of comment urging "Please look for Butch and Sundance!" Well, I think I was on their trail as we visited the most remote and wonderful mountain towns of Samaipata. Their old VW bug was parked there with a fancy paint job. The pizza restaurant, run by a wonderful German family, was certainly a watering hole. I can only imagine them as carpenters building western style furniture and gates for locals and touristas. I want to spend more time here, maybe I will stumble upon them in the town square.

15 July, 2010

Boy in the Middle

Visiting Bolivian soccer camp for vacation sounds exciting but jumping in on soccer training with Bolivian kids you don't know is a bit scary. Props to Eli for kickin' it.

03 July, 2010

On our first leg of our vacation/work trip. Eli took this iPhone photo out our window... a prop plane to Seattle. His first prop. Weird what the speed of the prop and the speed of the hipsta does to a full speed prop. We will be posting over the next months wherever our adventure takes us.