24 April, 2009

Got the news today that my favorite project of 2008 was chosen for inclusion in the Communications Arts Photography Annual. A great magazine, a wonderful honor. Pick up the September issue when it comes out (don't worry, I am sure I will remind you)

This image is an out take...happy to share. Others on my website.

Nice to shoot reportage, photojournalism, documentary...oh whatever one calls real photos...and have them appreciated.

I loved the kids at the Self Enhancement academy, the teachers, the coaches and the energy. I would photograph there every day, if I could. Maybe I will go back next week just to say hi.

13 April, 2009


I had an Easter treat to be invited to the traditional Salmon ceremony on the Cililo Indian reservation. This ages old tradition brings the Yakama, Warm Springs and Umatilla tribes together to honor the first Salmon of the season. The tribes practice the Washat relgion inside their longhouse (no photos allowed) and then serve a feast of traditionally prepared salmon, venison and roots. The tribes have had fishing rights on the Columbia River for generations and are now praying for many salmon to return to sustain their families. The nets look like a waterfall to me... so appropriate at the site of Cililo Falls.
p.s. Please bear with my need to over-vignette these days...just having fun.