24 April, 2009

Got the news today that my favorite project of 2008 was chosen for inclusion in the Communications Arts Photography Annual. A great magazine, a wonderful honor. Pick up the September issue when it comes out (don't worry, I am sure I will remind you)

This image is an out take...happy to share. Others on my website.

Nice to shoot reportage, photojournalism, documentary...oh whatever one calls real photos...and have them appreciated.

I loved the kids at the Self Enhancement academy, the teachers, the coaches and the energy. I would photograph there every day, if I could. Maybe I will go back next week just to say hi.


  1. the CA photo annual has been one of my very favorite publications for about 15 years. i savor it! congratulations!!!!!
    Self Enhancement looks like a GREAT organization!!!!

  2. big time congrats.
    your work is so amazing.