02 February, 2009

glory days

Inspired and exhausted from watching  Bruce Springsteen perform at the SB last night.  I tracked down one of my favorite all time images I have ever taken.  The Boss (circa 1979) when he was still doing audience surfing...I think he started the trend.

 My job in college (at UT Austin) was to photograph all of the events at the Super Drum...not a bad job!

   Those were glory days for sure.  I cannot believe how many people were talking about Bruce last night, either who had been at that concert, or could remember every Bruce concert they ever when to.  He really defined our youth.
 Glory days ahead!!

1 comment:

  1. This is an awesome shot of my boyfriend!!!!
    WOW. All those hands, the depth, and Clarence there in the background.
    Too Good!