29 March, 2009

aligning the stars

Sometimes serendipity is the best form of research. Next to our campsite, at Joshua Tree, we met a group of amateur astronomers setting up for the night. They were obsessed men with a bunch of big glass. When they had aligned with the North Star and the sun had gone down, Eli and I went over for a lesson and some magical moments. Eli, being a big fan of Orion, got to see, close up, the belt and the sword. We were called from telescope to telescope to see Nebula and Galaxies and the most amazing of all Saturn. Our main teacher was a man named Louie Luna... serendipity indeed. Thanks guys!!!

1 comment:

  1. Yeah astronomy is so fascinating. I really wish I can feel so close to the stars when looking through different telescopes.

    Lovely pic too!