29 June, 2009

vintage prints

I am working on a new section for my website called "vintage." I will put up, for a limited time, a section of images from the past... Think it will be fun, might just be wierd.
This image is from the 1986 Filipine Elections. I was traveling, on this day, with Imelda Marcos as she campaigned on Iloilo Island. She was an icon of the times... the hair, the nails... the shoes.
It was an amazing event right before the election and the fall of the Marcos regime. The days that followed were surreal for me, the country and the world. On election day ballot boxes were stolen by Marcos thugs in outlying barrios and the thugs opened fire on our small group of photographers covering the chaos. It made me realize I was not cut out to be a revolution or war photographer... but the time was exciting and the images always bring back the memories to all of my senses.
(see if you can find me in the photo)

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  1. in the round mirror. but you're backwards.