24 June, 2009


Following along the food chain... I have been very interested in stories about where our food comes from. From salmon caught fresh by the Columbia River Indian fishers to Sauvie Island organic U-pick strawberries to "artisan meats", there are alternatives to buying your food from factory producers. A good friend, Aaron Silverman, has started an artisan Pork company (Tails and Trotters) featuring hazelnut fed pigs. I photographed some of the butchering process including superstar chef Morgan Brownlow who was doing the butchering along with the Gonzales father and son team.


  1. I LOVE your stuff. I fell deeply in love with your work when I was working at the Dallas Morning News in the lab and taking in your freelance work in 96, or so. You work is so intimate and expressive.
    I love it, I have to stop now or I'll spend the rest of the day on your blog.

  2. Much thanks for your kind words. A girl could get used to that kind of talk. Allbest!

  3. that second portrait...wow!!!!