31 July, 2009

In a perfect world.

I recently got an email forwarded to me by my Uncle. It was a listing of all of the money our country spends on "illegal aliens" and their children. A couple of the "facts" the author wanted pounded across to the American public were info about the billions of $$ spent on illegal school children who "cannot speak a word of English!!" also, "nearly one million sex crimes were caused by illegal immigrants in the US"
I don't know why I was on the forward list for this hatred but it is sometimes a wake-up call to see into the dark underbelly that is focusing so much energy on the wrong people. We have had immigration laws in place in this country for many, many years. It has been beneficial for the rich to have workers come into the US to work in our feilds, clean our houses and basically support the backbone of our country so the rules were overlooked... but now the backlash is ...well... embarrassing. I had a shoot at a local organic farm, recently, and photographed some of the workers who were there well before I arrived at 5:45 AM. They did back breaking work picking beautiful crops and when I left around 10 they had hours of work ahead of them (in 106 degree heat). Maybe we can get some of the rich college students who are on summer break to help them out. Wanna volunteer your child?

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  1. Or maybe we can put a few bank CEO's to work.....