16 January, 2009

ask questions later

While working on a personal project on a neighborhood farm, this girl and some friends showed up from down the street.  I loved her band-aid.   I knew there was a story behind the band-aid.  Funny.  I just starting shooting photos of her without introducing myself or telling her what I was doing.  Sometimes the moment is lost if you get to know someone first.  I guess it might seem rude, but somehow I am able to disarm...practice I guess.

She was so open and so raw...I wanted to capture just that. 

 Oh yeah, the story of the band-aid.   Well, apparently she had gotten in a fight with a boy at school...he sliced her face and then she sat on him.   He ended up crying.  End of story.  She was a tough girl... at a Waldorf school.  Funny.  Great meeting...camera in hand.

1 comment:

  1. he ended up crying. boo-hoo. Great photos hero!