01 January, 2009

2009 (or was that 2008?)

life.   vacation.   knocked down.   get back up.   school.   the state of affairs.   10 bucks to see a bad movie.                  in country.   out of country.    hatred.    religion.    smart.   silly.    what matters.   monkeys in cages on street corners.   oh man, now there is a lion too!   old friends.  ok friends.    recycle?   greedy.   change.   mind your own business.  caring hearing.   finger tips.  pettiness.   self-involved.    you are not that special.   oh my god, you are so special!  rain.  savory.   i am going to squeeze the juice out of you.   mortgage.   peso.   magic light.  evil technology.
look up dammit!    bling.   back pain.   UNO attack.   la familia.   snotty kids.  self-promotion.   he's ONLY six!
dust.  undercover(s).   idolize.   they don't care about u.   politics.  choice.   smoking while pregnant.   C.    lost.  tiny.  lucky.   when is it going to get better?   ego.   ego.  ego.

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