22 February, 2013

"Cowboy Up! Ride the Navajo Rodeo"

BOOK it!

I have had the joy of working with an amazing group on a children's book! "Cowboy Up! Ride the Navajo Rodeo"  will finally arrive in book stores on March 1st!

The experience working with the kids and families that ride the Navajo Rodeo has been a life-affirming experience, to say the least.  I first photographed the rodeo on the Rez about 13 years ago.  When the offer came to head back, I jumped at the chance! To go back to shoot for this book was a treat since some of the same families were still riding!  The kids were grown and had kids of their own.  The positive energy,  belief in hard work and working with animals creates tight families...full of love.  Can't wait to see them again!!
I hope they will enjoy our book... and I hope you will too!

Thanks to author Nancy Bo Flood for being one of the best teammates ever!!   And Boyds Mills Press for amazing support and for believing in photography as illustration for children's books!

You can order it thru this link on Amazon... if you order after clicking this link a tiny few pennies come back to me.  Order several... I will sign them for you!!  (note... it might say there are only 2 left... but that is NOT the case.. try it, order 10 )

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